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      Big picture before details. Life is communities in different scales. If you see yourself as an individual, please look at the mirror and try to see yourself as 50 trillion cells decided to stay together for a greater purpose.

      In human scale basic mechanics simply works same. So we exist as a community. But a healty community can only exist by harmony of unique minds, syncronized with each other in trust and love.  Just like all the cells in your body.

      In the essence, all that fights and wars are just because of our neural firewalls operated by sub-conscious minds as we call it the animal brain.

      We believe; when we are all able to communicate truely conscious and create emphaty, there won’t be any struggle in the world anymore. So we all will be able to progress a lot faster, which is the core motivation of the life which releases certain chemicals in our brains and creates the feeling of happiness.

      If you can truely see what you look at, you just realize all that information is hidden in the nature. Much the same it is in a single ‘random’ splash on a clean canvas.

      We believe; sooner or later human race will reach that consciousness level and we will step up to a new era. Here we are just trying to accelerate that process since the time is the most valuable asset in our life.






      Art is for all. Not a statement on that old debate, but rather to state a fact of our everyday reality. Whether you are aware or not, your brain creates pathways subconsciously whenever you observe the art within your surroundings. This is the natural order of humans, finding patterns, a tool that supported our evolution and the creation of society immensely. If you do anything to inspire others, you are an artist. Intellectual, visual and aural creations are all art that can be seen with the right set of eyes, it is all around us as an extention of the great architect.

      Human evolution benefited a great deal from this since our ancestors were able to solve these life puzzles and give them meaning for their daily survival. From the first societies to our everyday life following the Industrial Revolution, what separates us from machines is this ability. It is there to speak for our inner selves; you can define dancing as our mating ritual and why we do art and follow patterns is for the reproduction and creation of future generations. It will continue to separate us from machines as long as we maintain our natural creativity. We are all connected and depend on each other. We don’t think about it, but the jobs we have and the lives we want help everyone while collectively inspiring each other for the creation of those next steps. Life on this planet can be compared to living organisms as every cell has a task to do and cannot sustain the entire human body without the help of the others, preserving life on earth, solving the problems of society, making life beautiful for every single living thing in this world requires you and me. When this impeccable creation is analysed at this level, it is hard not to agree just how beautiful this is. What derails us is our ego which we either don’t or can’t stop from making decisions for us as we are not always mindful and place ourselves at the center of everything.





      Under capitalism, not only our consumption and ethics have been destroyed, but our relationships have gone off the rail as well. What we are missing out on are deep connections as we no longer make love, we just fuck.

      We are materialistic and have started to express our sexuality like animals. While we are thinking of the future and siding as progressives, there is liberal guilt within us that is crying out for the long gone control over our subconscious feelings. We are gradually disappearing,

      brain telling us to live for your kind and make more of yourself in order to always exist. People complain that they cannot find love, but our not-so-essential habits have become so ingrained that we do not leave the space needed for true love. When our lives are filled with meaningless sex just to satisy hormonal motivation, there is no opportunity to go deeper and create something we truly find to be profound and we end up with relationships we are not proud of. No matter what we think, we go through it, or we have gone through it at one point. How good can sex be while dreaming of a love we don’t have? 





      Have you ever explored your inner self? At its core there exists a mixture of 50 trillion cells and all kinds of chemicals and living organisms dancing around in a pattern defined deep within the chaotic scripts of the universe. You are just a fancy, complicated chemical soup trying to create order on a floating space rock circling our great sun that shone light on the living, the only example we have ever known of this amazing miracle we call life.

      A huge complex of sub-human living creatures and a miniaturized copy of our world are doing their best to create and sustain what you see when you look in a mirror. They are at your disposal, but on the condition that you must be conscious and at the beginning of it all your frontal cortex must be active to guide them in making decisions.

      Unfortunately, this is not so easy. We are impatient and lazy creatures who seek rewards and instant gratification. If we find a pathway to reach a reward instantly, all our focus and conscious brain anchors its future actions with this fact in mind.

      This option is neither sustainable nor efficient in the long run. Our body is designed to provide all the chemicals needed for its own happiness, but shortly after the introduction of a chemical from the outside, the brain slows down and produces a lesser amount of it and then wants the same quick-fix feeling again. For us, independence is the most important aspect of a life full of happiness and satisfaction. From others and from all the chemicals…