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      This internet site “Site” has been brought into your use by Bub Moda, Inc. (“BUB”) Delaware (includes also the subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, license givers and suppliers).

      The following terms of use regulates the conditions for the access to this Site and the condition which the use of the Site is subject to. Before using the Site, please read the following Terms Of Service for the site. By accessing this Site and by using this Site you are assumed to accept that the following Terms Of Service and all the provisions and conditions taking place or referred herein or the additional provisions and conditions that are specified on this Site are legally binding for you.

      The term “User” that is used in this text states all kinds of real and legal entities who use the site in any way whether through member login or not.

      The terms of use taking place on this page can be amended by BUB unilaterally at any time on condition that the amendments are clearly specified on again this page and these amendments comes into force immediately after the amended article is uploaded onto the Site.

      The features such as the sections that are visited during the visits of the Users and the sections that are clicked on the Site are automatically recorded. These data is only used for the determination of the following and monitoring rates of the sections and different areas. In the cases that the technology named “cookie” is used determining how or by passing where the pages are visited, similarly on the determination of the monitoring and clicking rates of the different areas of the Site they are collected as the statistical data. What is aimed with this technology is to make the content belonging to sections that the users more often visit more easily accessible for the Users as of their first visit to the Site and to improve the site in accordance with these statistics.

      BUB, in no circumstances, undertakes that the Site will provide service uninterruptedly or in a certain way to the Users and also does not give any assurance and/or warranty on the matters that the operation and administration of the site will be uninterruptedly or faultless, that the troubles, defects and failures will be corrected and that the Site is clear of the damaging elements and of the viruses.

      All kinds of information that are on the Site is presented for the purpose of informing the User and do not have the characteristics of an advice on the subjects such as law, medical, finance, investment, tax, accounting and others. The responsibility of any of the transactions that are carried out based on the information taking place on the Site wholly belongs to the User and BUB will accept no responsibility arising from this reason.

      BUB, whether any internet shortcut is provided by the Site or by the third parties as per the terms of use, will not be responsible for the content of the third party site in question in no circumstances. No link that will be given from the Site to the other sites cannot be interpreted that site is approved by BUB and cannot be evaluated that BUB warrants and gives assurance about the truth and currency of the site in question and about the compliance of its content and that it accepts responsibility with regard to these.

      The User, while using any content or communication system of the Site, is responsible for not violating the legal rights of the third parties in any circumstances. BUB will accept no legal and criminal responsibility with regard to such violations and the User accepts that all kinds of legal and criminal responsibility that can arise from these violations will belong solely to him/her.

      The members of board of directors, administrators, employees and the people who prepare Site services and/or the information taking place on the Site cannot be held, under whatever name, responsible for all kinds of direct and/or indirect, material and/or moral damages arising from the either directly or indirectly use of the site services, of the information taking place on the Site and of accessing to the Site.

      All kinds of actions and transactions aiming the breaking down of the Site, its slowing down critically or having its software and hardware systems damage are prohibited. The user cannot upload to the Site any content, software or any other material that includes virus, trojan horse and other harmful elements.

      Making in the large numbers of investigations and membership registrations by using the automatic programs or sending in the large numbers of requests and information through automatic methods is included in this prohibition. BUB has the right to prevent the access of the Users who are determined to carry out such actions and to commence legal proceedings about these people.

      Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

      The information that are accessible within the site or that are uploaded by the members legally and the whole elements of this Site (including but not limited to BUB Database, BUB interface, text, image, html code and other codes) and BUB and/or the Users (the Buyers purchasing goods from the Site are also included) and all kinds of materials that are presented on the Site (video, e-book, e-catalogue, audio book, method, schema, chart, statistics, photograph, picture, pictorial representation, comics, drawings, form, information, document, program, writings, software, visual and auditory materials and other materials regardless of considering which form they are in) (altogether will be referred as to the BUB materials) belong to BUB and are taken under license by BUB from the third parties. Within the provisions of this Terms Of Service, except for the cases that are allowed by BUB, the User cannot reproduce, process, distribute the BUB materials or cannot market the works that are derived from these or cannot use these for the commercial purposes.

      Within the provisions of this Agreement, in the cases that are not allowed by BUB, BUB keeps its all rights reserved directed to the BUB materials, services, information, trademarks, commercial outlook or to other properties and information on the Site.

      The User is responsible for avoiding the acts that will cause unfair competition and that can mean benefitting from the commercial standing.

      The User accepts declares and undertakes that s/he will transfer his/her all property rights on all kinds of video, e-book, e-catalogue, audio book, method, schema, chart, statistics, photograph, picture, pictorial representation, comics, drawings, form, information, document, program, writings, software, visual and auditory materials that are uploaded to the Site and the other applications including but not limited to these, on all kinds of devices and versions formed and/or sound recordings and or process in the event that they are processed and on all kinds of determinations that are acquired from these or connected to these; his/her financial rights in the form of representation and submission to the public through the tools for reproducing, publishing, processing and for the transmission of sign, sound and/or image arising from the 5846 numbered Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works and from being an author; his/her rights arising in connection to being executor and/or producer; his/her rights arising from the determination of its manner, time and place for the presentation to the public, from making an amendment on the work and from its design and brand; his/her rights of registering the designs and applying them to the goods and all other intellectual and industrial rights and the personal rights of the owners of image/sound/content, without demanding any price, in order them to be used in Turkey and around the world, without any time and channel limitation, in a way that they can be transferred to the others on all kinds of channels/platform/good/material/organization and others (on electronic or numerical/digital environments including radio, TV, internet, cinema, directly marketing activities, press conferences, written and visual media) which are determined by BUB and that s/he consents that the contents in question can be broadcasted without needing to get permission beforehand and/or can be displayed/watched by the third parties that will b determined by himself/herself and that the contents in question and the system records related to these (uploading the contents on the site and discharging them from and etc.) can be recorded/processed and shared with the companies providing infrastructure by BUB.

      The User accepts declares and undertakes that s/he is the exact and sole owner of all the property rights, financial rights in the form of representation and submission to the public through the tools for reproducing, publishing, processing and for the transmission of sign, sound and/or image, the connected rights arising from being producer and/or executer, personal rights of the image/sound/content owners on the contents in question and on the factor forming any Intellectual and Industrial rights taking place in the content; that these are taken over from sub workers, from the related right or work owners and from the state institutions and organizations to which they are subject to, in a written form an in compliance with the related provisions of the legislation in force, limitless and without any time limitation, to be valid on all kinds good/Platform/material/channel and etc. including the aforementioned in Turkey and around the world and in a way to be hand over to the third parties; that they got permission; that they are right holders and that the responsibility of all the prices that are need to be paid to the related state institutions and organizations because of the works belongs to themselves and also they accept, declare and undertake that these rights are under their own responsibility; that they have the ability and legal power to transfer these rights and that a third party, under any name and title, does not have any lien, financial or moral or commercial right on these rights directly or indirectly.

      On this Terms Of Service the laws of the Republic of Turkey is applicable. If any article of this agreement becomes legally inapplicable because of an illegal, invalid or any reason, the article in question can be removed from this agreement. However, this situation does not affect the validity and legal applicability of the remaining articles.

      On the settlement of the conflicts that can arise from the execution of the aforementioned provisions and legal relationships, Istanbul Courts and the Enforcement Offices will be the authority.